We are upgrading our dedicated server to a new dedicated server.

This site iciworld.net is our original real estate site built in 1994 as iciworld.com AND iciworld.net

Both domain names pointed to the same files. Worked great for 10+ years! Top of the search engines, etc.

With the new advent of security changes being instituted there are changes here now.

Everything on this iciworld.net site is still applicable to this day however many links here no longer display results.

Many links here display not secure when in fact they work. Many links will simply display a white screen. If you add an s to the http in the URL they will work. But who knows how to do that. We are cought in a dilemma.

If you do not want to waste time simply go to our secure site https://www.iciworld.com

ICIWorld.com is the longest running service on the Internet for real estate Have and Want information helping brokers and salespeople serve the public. (Since 1994)

We have been on the cutting edge of technolgy from the beginning and continue to evolve to this day. It is our belief it should be a service that operates along with MLS and that every single broker and salesperson in the world should have it.

We are starting to roll out The National Real Estate Information Listing Service for that purpose. See www.nreils.com

We are going to leave this site iciworld.net operating because so many links in the world that link to this site would not work if we took this site down and we do not want people to think this service is no longer working when today with the advent of the new mobile revolution this service is working better than ever.

Go to the App Store and install iciworld

Go to the Play Store and install iciworld

It is instant information at your fingertips. Free to search for everyone in the world. There is no charge until a broker or salesperson wishes to advertise. It is free for the public.

Today www.iciworld.com is one of the major sources for making connections in real estate, with individual sale transactions by members of over $50M+ and some members making over $1M.




Every broker and salesperson in the world can make connections to do business. We specialize in exclusive real estate opportunities. It is working smooth when you know how. I should know. This service started out of a CCIM Chapter. Gary Nusca, CCIM, CIPS

It is simply another technological networking tool in the world today.

The problem with this site which was just copied and displayed January 1, 2019 is that we originally had both iciworld.com and iciworld.net pointed to all the same files.

Now iciworld.net has have its own domain name.

ICIWorld.com has its own domain name.

With the advent of changes to security on the Internet it sort of threw a monkey wrench into this because now one must use https instead of http and this is causing a lot of problems. The reason? We have built thousands of pages with http. Each one would have to be changed in order to make them all work. All the other sites in the world that link to us were using http for many years as well.

We want to provide a result for everyone, not block the door and let people figure stuff out for themselves because we could easily lose those people for networking purposes.

Now this site is protected with https ie: https://www.iciworld.net works. But links within it, like http which worked for fifteen years no longer will display unless they are changed to https links.

There are thousands of links from other sources that link to us using http In order to keep those links working we allow them to work on this site.



The problem is, an http link will not work on a https forced site. You think it is confusing so do I. We were on the front page for over 10 years with this site and would still be today if there was a solution.

Still trying to figure that out.

In the meantime go to one of our newer sites like the following:


It is totally built with the new https secure socket layers (SSL)

Everything is still applicable to this day. People can make money connecting. However it is not as pretty looking as some of the newer sites that we have built, and others that are in the works being built.

If you have the money and wherewithall to build this world service for every country of the world contact me. If you are a leader for a real estate board, association, major national, international company, contact me. There are ways to personalize it to achieve the goals and objectives of your organization. There are ways to get designers to provide the absolute wonderful designed front end, the search screens, etc. that you would like. The power is in the networking, how it is done, why it is done, security levels, and much more.

I want to thank all our members for their support to this day, for their belief in us to grow this service and make it work for the industry. There is no question in my mind that if and when every broker gets behind this service and uses it, it will dramatically increase opportunities in real estate in the world today for everyone.



People should know that every trade in real estate contributes to the wealll being and growth of a nation. This service can work for every country in the world now. The future is very exciting.

ICIWorld Executive Member Log InThis is for Industrial, Commercial and Investment (ICI) real estate, residential real estate, retail plazas, shopping centers, office and medical buildings, land, farms, recreational properties, business opportunities, luxury estates, homes, cottages, vacation properties, condos, financing and much more . . . for the world.

For everyone in the world, if you want to connect with other people interested in real estate, you have come to a place built for you to network exclusive information as well as listings such as on a real estate board. More

industrial commercial and investment real estate$10M Shopping Centre Sold $120,000 commission, $13M Apt Sold, $9M Medical Centre, $52M office building sold by a CCIM, condos, churches, power of sales, gas stations, hotels, motels, laundromats, development land, all sold and much, much, more.

See 50 pages of testimonials of other members doing deals by working Have and Want real estate "information" not just listings such as on a real estate board! Become a member and learn how to work all kinds of information that will help you expand your opportunities to do business. Independent real estate broker and sales people provide this service for the world.

Four ways for the public to make a connection or you can easily miss doing a deal and not realize it. More . . .

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Learn how to use a QR Code. On the iPad or iPhone go to the app store and search QR Codes or on the Internet. By clicking on it with your iPhone using the QR code reader it will bring up a search screen. From this search screen you can search virtually all Haves and Wants on ICIWorld. The portablility is the key. Having information at your fingertips. Buyers and sellers, names and contacts, members and more.

30,000+ readership January 2013

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Over 100 EMail List Servers deliver information daily
10,000 to 20,000 EMails deliver information to the public daily.
Free for everyone to place Haves and Wants in Database 2. Only Licensed real estate broker members of ICIWorld have access to Database 2 The ultimate in networking is Database 1 One must be a member to advertise in Database 1. See Who Can Join.
Everyone is invited and can learn by keeping in touch by Likeing on Facebook, Following on Twitter, Subscribing on You Tube, Connecting on Linkedin, Subscribing to the ICIWorld newspaper by clicking on all of the following. It is free and good networking.
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Seminar for your real estate office, real estate board, group, chapter or association.

It is education about the Internet, information, technology, and more, applications for real estate brokers and salespeople to serve prospects and clients.

Invite us to do an educational seminar in your office "Understanding the Powers of the Internet." 18 years on the Internet into one 120 minute session. It can be one of the most important, eye opening and exciting seminars of the year for your office. Compatible and supportive of all your company and industry services and programs. It is Internet education. It teaches how to do generate Internet leads and do more business. Special one time membership subscriptions offered. Talk to your manager/owner today with a view to setting a date and time. Contact Cecil seminar coordinator. 416-628-4313. See comments of those who have attended. 

When you add information to ICIWorld it can instantly be displayed on 1,000's of other brokers web sites . . . you have the choice. This is tremendous penetration of the Internet. What is better marketing exposure to have your listings on one web site or on 1,000 web sites each of which is being promoted.

For commercial and industrial real estate brokers and salespeople
  • When you place Information you have a choice to display your Haves and Wants on 1,000+ other members web sites as well as 18,000 pages throughout the Internet. Instantly ... automatically.
  • Unlimited networking and advertising to a world wide market. It is inevitable to make good connections to do business;
  • Search Database 1 - 15,000 commercial and industrial real estate Have and Want ads placed by members,
  • Database 2 FSBO's (For Sale By Owner) - 14,000 commercial and industrial real estate ads placed by buyers and sellers! New ones daily;
  • Work open and exclusive listings in a special way.
  • It is information not just listings on a real estate board.
  • Place the criteria of your buyers called Wants. Owners of properties can respond to you directly!
  • Commercial and industrial real estate feeds for YOUR web site that generates leads. Thousands of listings on your web site update themselves 50-150 listings daily automatically and you do not have to do a thing.
  • Promote your web site. We show you how. 
  • Add Power of Sale link. We do it for you.
  • Add special links such as waterfront or apartment buildings, etc.
  • We provide a special once per month webinar to teach How to Promote Your Web Site. For members only.
  • It is inevitable that you do direct business or referrals from the leads. These are revenue producing links with up to the second latest listings.
  • See Our Pledge It is absolutely inevitable that you do business or you call us.  ;
  • Network commercial and industrial real estate information not just listings;
  • Commercial and industrial real estate web sites. We call them the most powerful on the planet earth. Why? Because of the listings that generate the leads.
  • We support all your web sites with links to listings.
  • See among most transactions being started on the Internet;
  • Everyone does business or you call me.
  • Executive Memberships for licensed real estate salespeople in the USA and Canada. Details.
  • Principals may join for the rest of the world;
For residential real estate brokers and salespeople world wide
  • Powerful web sites that generate leads. We totally set them up for you. They are totally customizable by you. We are a personal assistant to you;
  • We support all your web sites with special links to thousands of listings that help all your web sites generate leads for you!
  • We install real estate board IDX links so people can search your real estate board from your web site (if available from your board);
  • We install special proprietary links from ICIWorld to thousands of listings that update themselves automatically that generate leads for YOU!;
  • Thousands of exclusive listings that are not on real estate boards.
  • Exclusive homes not on real estate boards
  • Condos not on real estate boards
  • Commercial listings not on real estate boards
  • This all generate leads so you can do referrals.
  • Powerful because of the content of thousands of real estate residential and commercial listings all structured so that YOU get the calls!
  • It is absolutely inevitable that you do business or you call us. See Our Pledge;
  • See www.realestatebrokersandsalespeople.com
  • All structured so that you get the calls;
  • Commercial and industrial real estate feeds for your web site that generates referral opportunities. These are revenue producing links;
  • Web sites more powerful than a $30,000 web site. Why? Because of the thousands of listings! This triggers the leads off the Internet.
  • Search Engine Optimization. (SEO) What good is a web site if you have no traffic. We have attended world search engine conventions and share this information with you.
  • Training videos, manual, checklist, tips, more.
  • World wide phone support free.
  • Program to do referrals for licensed real estate brokers and salespeople
  • Program for retired brokers and salespeople
  • We completely set it all up for you.
  • Customizable anyway you want;
  • Mostly it is a one time setup and then most things work automatically. See Time Required.
  • Personal one on one support by way of a workshop Webinar. Start adding listings right away however 90 minutes needed for a web site and a 30 minute orientation is helpful.  
Real Estate Salespeople: Add a link on your real estate web site that will show thousands of listings 1.Paid links for licensed real estate brokers and salespeople members of ICIWorld 2.Free links for brokers and everyone. Fill in your business card information and we will have someone call you or contact us. Ask questions or ask for a 30 minute demo. Bring the powers of the Internet to your real estate business.
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