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Please note: Expired and sold listings are used for purposes of networking.
It identifies people with whom you might be able to do business with because of their real estate connections, expertise, interest and geographic location. Members have full access.
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Testimonials: Chapter Membership and Networking

Bruce Cooke, CCIM, Commercial Sales Representative, Royal LePage ProAlliance Realty reports selling a $4,200,000 apartment building and an $800,000 office building. The buyer from Europe saw it on the Internet on ICIWorld and from all the information and the pictures made an offer subject to inspection. The buyer flew over to see it, did his due diligence and bought it. Hats off to Bruce Cooke for his world wide marketing efforts through ICIWorld. As a result I have now made contact with a new client that intends to invest in other properties.


Toronto real estate sales representative sells office towers $54,000,000 triple net leased investment as a result of connections made through information placed on ICIWorld. It started from a "Want." Someone in the business saw this "Want" knew about one for sale and contacted her. With due diligence and hard work over 8 months she made a six figure income in this one deal.

She has also sold several other smaller properties, and businesses as a result of contacts made through ICIWorld. http://www.incomepropertiesjk.com/


Hi, For Your Information:

Yes, Gary I got the buyers through ICIWorld.


OH....By The Way..... I am never too busy for your referrals!!!
Best Regards,

Nader Akhbari,Broker Of Record/President ,20 Years Of Experience,M.ENG.,Member Of Toronto Real Estate Board Commercial

Tony Di Carlo, CCIM, Incompro Ltd. Realtor an independent broker had an older listing on a 20 suite apartment advertised on ICIWorld and an engineer called him. The building happened to have been sold but Tony developed a business relationship with the prospect who was technically inclined. Tony emailed him a list of apartment buildings and he subsequently bought one. Tony specializes in apartment buildings.

We conducted an informal survey some time ago and it showed that 65% of chapter members did business with other members of the Central Canada CCIM Chapter.

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