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Residential real estate

Looking for a residential home, cottage or vacation property somewhere in the world?

Whether it is a vacation property in the Caribbean or a home around the corner, ICIWorld can help.

Although ICIWorld started as a major commercial real estate information service we have found a way to separate the residential. Many brokers do both.

The residential component is searchable in two ways:

  1. searching directly on ICIWorld - Business Category called Residential Estates, Single Family Homes, Condos, Cottages, Vacation Homes
  2. searching on members web sites.

Therefore by visiting one of ICIWorld members web site, you have a good chance of finding a residential home and/or a commercial property. 

Keep in mind our members have exclusive AND MLS properties.

Secondly if a member has a web site supplied by ICIWorld, then the web site can automatically send out new properties by email that match the description of what you might be looking for.

By getting it by email you will be the first to know.

You should also develop a good business relationship with a member because they can achieve what I call the Ultimate in Marketing on the Internet.

Your property can be on two major world networks.

You property can be on one thousand other brokers web sites because of the special arrangement that our members have with other members. They can allow their listings to be advertised on other brokers web sites!

What is better? To have your information on one web site or . . . on one thousand?

And . . . with colour photos and slide show displays where appropriate.

It is not enough to advertise a property on one web site. The way we structure it for our members is to have properties on thousands of web sites.

This achieves a greater exposure on the Internet.

  1. Buyers should first place their "Wants" in ICIWorld's Database 2. It is free for you. If a member finds a home that suits your criteria, would you like them to contact you?
  2. Buyers should search ICIWorld which has a residential category for homes $750,000 and up for estate and luxury type properties. Go to www.iciworld.com pick your area of the world and search.


    Residential, luxury homes and estates can be placed on ICIWorld as well as cottages, condos and any real estate for all price ranges.


  3. Buyers and sellers should search for an Executive Member on ICIWorld in the area that you are looking

    Then search homes on that members web site!

    It will include homes that are on real estate boards.

    It will include homes that are not on real estate boards, ie: exclusive.

    Most ICIWorld Executive Members have a residential home option on their web site.

    They are specially set up
    with thousands of homes in the neighborhood you are looking for!

    If you strike out, call us and we will help.  The right member for you can have a wealth of resources, listings for you to consider.

    If you would like assistance to identify a member with a residential web site with thousands of homes with color photos and slide show displays, simply EMail us with your city and request some web sites with homes in your area.  We will simply send you a list and you take it from there.

    We will email you back with a few web sites to check out.

    They have very special web sites with thousands of homes with color photos and slide show displays. 

    In fact you can subscribe to receive homes by EMail that match the price range and neighbourhoods, city areas, home criteria, that you are looking for.

    Ask them to get you pre approved for financing.

    There is a lot of useful information on their web sites as well. 

    Search Members and look for their web sites.

Click here and use this form to search for a member and homes, vacation properties on their web site

  • Search a state or province;
  • Search a city by typing in your city in the city field;
  • You can zero in on a residential salesperson by doing the following: look for a field called specialty: type in the word residential in the specialty field;
  • For another search, type your location in the field called Market Area and then search.

Results display their name, company, market area, specialty, and their home page and contact information.

Click on the home page of each member and visit the members home page.

  • they will have a residential button on their home page to thousands of residential homes complete with photos, slide show displays, virtual tours and a lot more!
  • they will also have calculators for mortgage purposes and handouts of advice for you; 
  • from their web site you can select to have homes EMailed to you when they become available;
  • from their web site you can email pdf file presentations of homes to your love ones to show them homes you are interested in and get their opinion.
  • you should contact the member for more information and develop a business relationship with them. Ask them to send any new homes that match the description of what you are looking for.  They are in the business to serve you.

Many of our ICIWorld Executive Members have helped people find the property of their dreams and accomplish their real estate goal, create a lot of wealth through real estate. They have a great deal of expertise to help people invest in real estate.  And . . . many of these same members also sell residential real estate.  These skills can be quite an advantage for people looking to buy a home.

When you are talking with them, mention you found out about them through ICIWorld.

If you do not see a member with residential homes, in your state or province or any country in the world please please contact us and let us know. 1-877-272-1721 416-831-1620.

For real estate brokers and salespeople who do residential real estate, cottages and vacation properties any and everywhere in the world!

ICIWorld supplies web sites with thousands of homes with color photos and slide show displays. We totally set this up.  See Executive Membership details.

This is a major world network with your homes appearing in google as well as on thousands of other brokers web sites.  This is tremendous penetration of the marketplace.

This is a powerful listing tool as well.  Your sellers will love it.

Web sites display thousands of homes and real estate all in a way that you get the calls.

Homes are displayed with color photos, slide show displays, etc.

Please see: www.realestatebrokersandsalespeople.com

  • ICIWorld sets up the web site for you;
  • they are customizable;
  • we teach you how to customize them and use them;
  • ICIWorld world wide training through videos, a manual, and on line live telephone support is the key.  Without this training and support you simply miss the important ingredients necessary to make these web sites productive for you and your clients;

If you are a licensed real estate professional anywhere in the world please visit http://www.realestatebrokersandsalespeople.com for more details, sample web sites and how to subscribe to start supplying these valuable services to the public today.

For real estate broker and salespeople ICIWorld provides these unique services and provides support for you included in an economical yearly Executive Membership.

See the many companies with Executive Members already providing these services. 

if you have a question or would like some help or provide feedback please Contact us.

Or EMail us with your phone number and we will call you.

Telephone support is provided for every area of the world!

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

Contact us.
Free telephone support from anywhere in the world. 

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