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EMail List Services Explanation

Subscribe to receive Haves and Wants by EMail . . . free.  

Supported by licensed real estate brokers and salespeople world wide.

Make just one connection in a timely fashion and you benefit the rest of your life.

As of August/2011 some other companies that provide an EMail List Service distribution charge $200-$400 to distribute one property through an EMail List Service.  They are valuable. It takes a lot of time to build, know how, set up, opt in opt out options, to send out thousands of EMails daily.

Unique by ICIWorld is that there is a searchable database supporting the EMail List Services.

ICIWorld is providing this for members listings, all year long for a small investment.

If you are a buyer or seller, make an arrangement with a member, who are all licensed real estate brokers and salespeople, to get your property, Haves and Wants, distributed through this service.

Real estate salespeople should join now to benefit. Developers and many others report making connections to do deals directly from these emails. Call anytime for assistance to subscribe to the most appropriate service for your application.

These mailing lists, provide you with clean, pure real estate Have and Want information for your province, state, area, price range or business interest complete with contact information. This weeds out all the spammers and junk mail. Develop business relationships with people right from the EMail and do business.

One last note: when a buyer or seller adds a listing to the FSBO Database 2, the EMail is generated to members only.

Unsubscribe anytime yourself.

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Commercial Real Estate List Servers: 

Haves and Wants for Industrial, Commercial and Investment Real Estate, Land, Farms, Business Opportunities, Recreational Property, Senior Lifestyles, Financing and more. It is possible to select a business category, or by keyword, and by location.

Residential Real Estate List Servers:

Visit almost any home page of an Executive Member who does residential and there will be a choice to subscribe to search and receive residential properties in your area. Contact us for assistance anytime.  You can unsubscribe directly from the daily EMail anytime.

Everyone may SUBSCRIBE | UNSUBSCRIBE to receive Haves/Wants by EMail from Database 1 free. The information is placed by licensed real estate brokers/salespeople in the USA and Canada and you must be an Executive Member to place your Haves and Wants but anyone can subscribe to receive them.

Over 10,000 EMails deliver information by free subscription to the public world wide daily to various selected EMail List Services resulting in some of these success stories.

If you have a spam blocker, you will have to put and onto your "authorized or safe list" to permit you to get Haves and Wants by EMail. Spam blockers can block legitimate email.

One developer reports to us that he has done three deals right from these EMails. In his case he does not visit our web site regularly.

DIGEST means you will receive only one EMail at the most per day whether there are 2-10 new Haves and Wants. 90% of the industry subscribe using this method!

For people with Blackberry's. People report it is great to receive an EMail once per day for their area of new Haves and Wants by EMail. In this case it is important to receive only one email per day with all the new listings in it, whether there are 2 or 20 new listings.  This is the DIGEST method.

Contact us anytime for assistance or 1-877-272-1721 USA and Canada.

Pay attention to the word "All"  For instance, if you subscribe to USA "All" you do not have to subscribe to any other mailing list in the USA.  Watch for the word "All" Business Area, "All" Business Category.  All means everything in that Business Area or everything in Business Category. If you feel there is not a list to suit you, request a new list to suit you.

The complete searchable database of Haves and Wants can be found at: USA Market | Canadian Market  (See Database 1) There is a second database (Database 2); this is Haves and Wants placed by the public.  Only Executive Members may receive these Haves and Wants by EMail. Click here for a limited view. It requires an Executive Membership to have full access to the FSBO Area Database 2, thousands of Haves and Wants placed by principals, buyers and sellers and once you are a member you can have these emailed to you daily as they are added by the public.

Subscribe here for an Executive Membership and have full access to Database 2 within a few minutes and to place your all your Haves and Wants all year long with full distribution to the world.  Over 10,000 EMails deliver Haves/Wants daily!  You only have to place your information once.

The public may also post Haves and Wants Free at any of our various web sites. 

USA Market | Canadian Market

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Do not hesitate to suggest enhancements, ask questions and your comments are appreciate.  

Contact us.

"One developer reported that he did three deals directly from contacts he made from emails." Other testimonials.

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