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You can set up special links on your mobile device to produce relevant information at your fingertips such as the latest listings up to the second of your specialty or market area.

Commercial real estate database on your iPhone

Add to your iPhone or Blackberry It is free. Produce lists of buyers or people looking for space instantly. Produce lists of the latest apartment buildings or shopping centers coming for sale.

iPad and Playbook users, simply add or to your homepage. Thousands of people contacts at your fingertips!  Tips

There are 2+ Billion people now using the Internet.

  • Place your information within minutes and reach the world, otherwise you can easily be missing doing business and not realize it. 

  • Haves and Wants are instantly available automatically on over 18,000 pages on the Internet penetrating the farthest reaches of the Internet.

  • 10,000+ Emails distribute Have and Want information daily to the public automatically, free to subscribe.

  • 22,000+ unique visitors monthly.

  • delivery of our monthly newsletter to over 100,000 people in Canada, USA and world wide.

  • listings from members appear not only on ICIWorld but on a thousand other brokers and salespeople's web sites instantly where agreed to.

  • there are 50-100 new listings daily.

  • EMail List Servers have been upgraded to provide for the increased volume and distribution to the public and the world wide real estate industry. 

  • members can provide this dynamic real estate database from their own web site.

  • everyone who desires can provide a resource on their own web site by simply providing a link to for the USA, for Canada, etc. See Link To Us

People can find your information within thirty seconds and five clicks if it is placed on ICIWorld. Why? Because ICIWorld is on a top page in google for many search terms such as investment real estate, commercial real estate, and more as well as penetrating the farthest reaches of the Internet with 18,000 pages of information all searchable. People will find your information if it is placed otherwise you can easily be missing doing business and not realize it.

The goal is to help everyone interested in real estate to network real estate Have and Want information not just listings such as on a real estate board. Place one Have or Want ad and reach a major world market.  "Haves" are the opportunities of properties and businesses available for sale and for lease. "Wants" are the acquisition criteria of buyers as well as what users are looking to lease for retail, office and industrial space. Search the latest Have and Want ads regularly as there are 50-100 new ones daily. With a showing today you have a chance to move towards your goals.

real estate connections"Have" information is treated confidentially so that you have a chance to trigger interest, qualify the people first before divulging the address. A few minutes to place a real estate Have or Want can result in a lifetime of benefits, a great connection to do business and/or meeting new people and developing business relationships that can lead to do a lifetime of business. See testimonials. When placing an ad consider it like classified ads in a newspaper but to a world market.

You do not have to be a member to add a Free ICIWorld link for your web site. It will be a great real estate resource for your web site.

Identifying and introducing you to potential people for your next deal and/or referral is what this service is all about. It is all about networking.

ICIWorld has a major industrial, commercial and investment real estate  component.

ICIWorld has a major residential, industrial and commercial tools component through the web sites that we distribute. See

Also see and
A way to generate leads and simply do referrals.
This service for licensed real estate salespeople only.

Database 1
  • Only licensed real estate salespeople may join in the USA and Canada.
  • Buyers and sellers may join in the rest of the world until there is real estate licensing in that country. When you join you will have the ultimate in world wide exposure.
  • Only Executive Members can add a Haves and Wants to Database 1 where they are instantly available in a searchable world database for the world to see and secondly, the Haves and Wants are emailed out to the industry world wide daily to the subscribing public by way of free EMail List Servers.
  • ICIWorld can start a networking service for your group, organization, association, company in any country of the world by creating a networking page on the Internet special for your group.
  • Members can add listings from anywhere in the world so that your target market whether it be public or private can see them.
  • It is instant networking with the results made available to be at peoples fingertips using mobile devices, etc. as well as computers.


Database 1
  • Provides for the ultimate in world wide exposure.
  • Only licensed real estate salespeople may join in the USA and Canada.
  • The public may join in the rest of the countries of the world until there is organized real estate in the country. See Who Can Join.
  • ICIWorld can supply a networking service for your group, association, organization, company for any country of the world for Internet online advertising service for real estate people to advertise to the public.
  • You can use this database framed within your web site.
  • Full support for all your members no matter where in the world you are located. Support usually only needed a little in the beginning.
  • With a minimum number of members we can provide local phone service within minutes*. (*where is available)e
  • we invite you to try it out. It is designed to grow with the world.
Database 2
  • It is free for the public to place ads.
  • Only Executive Members of ICIWorld have access to the contact information.
  • Make your own arrangements for compensation.

The rest of the World Anyone may join.

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