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ICIWorld was conceived in the early 1990's in response to not being able to keep track of Haves and Wants. This is important for all licensed real estate brokes and salespeople. Why? Because being able to show one buyer a property can make one a lot of money. If fifty brokers stood up one at a time and told about all their opportunities to do business, could you remember them all? It was frustrating just trying to write all the Haves and Wants down. You just could not write fast enough with clarity, accuracy, and timeliness.

This was a birth of an idea that has grown into a world wide real estate information service. Services such as web sites and links to the content of listings for your existing web site, are the application of technology for a licensed real estate broker or salesperson to generate business. It provides opportunities to serve the public in a way they can make money and earn a very good living.

ICIWorld started as a Have and Want commercial real estate information service back in 1992 as a commercial investment bulletin board system (CIBBS) and recently (end of 2012) added residential.

It has grown into a world service with high traffic and is now a major place in the world to advertise, network and do business.

Haves are commercial and residential real estate properties world wide and businesses for sale for sale and for lease.

Wants are what people are looking for, their acquisition criteria whether it is for commercial property or residential . . . world wide.

It is designed for licensed real estate brokers and salespeople, world wide, to serve the public.

With costs escalating for every real estate broker and salesperson to do business and with the high costs of advertising, the Internet provides a solution to advertise, network and communicate with people in the lowest cost possible way in the world today. There are now over 2 billion people using the Internet.

Real estate provides the highest rate of return on investment of any industry using the Internet.


Because one lead can make a real estate salesperson a lot of money and help clients and prospects create wealth. See testimonials.

Every trade in real estate can benefit a nation because when many buyers improve the properties they are buying and this upgrades the housing stock, commercial property, land with new homes being built, businesses being developed and we could go on and on.

But it requires an information service that shares those goals.

MLS is great and as a Realtor I believe in it. It provides a great service and always will.

However there are thousands of opportunities that are not on real estate boards. Handling this information can also generate a lot of business.

The Internet is like a highway.

ICIWorld and other services are the stores and services on this highway that hold listings and Have and Want information to display world wide in sophisticated databases. is designed for the United States public. is designed for the Canadian public. is desigend for the world. is designed for members.

All sites continue to evolve and develop with the input and suggestions of thousands of people.

But to design the database to carry the Have and Want listings and maintain two databases requires more. Our attention has been to this database and the servers that collect and display this information.

A major milestone was achieved in 2012 with the addition of a new server that displays information in the fastest possible way in the world today. 62,000 links had to be reconnected, tons of programming and retooliing but it is now accomplished. One may be able to match the service in speed but not beat it. If there was a vote I would say it would be number one for speed.

Speed is important for real estate information to be delivered on mobile devices and computers.

However real estate Have and Want information is the most important.

Remember an appointment today to show a property can lead to a transaction that makes one a lot of money.

2013 in my opinion marks the real beginning of the Internet for the real estate industry. Why? Because even though the Internet has been around for so long it is only recently that mobile devices specifically the iPad that is providing this information at ones fingertips anytime.

Because only now is the real estate industry really starting to embrace all the tools such as iPads.

This is important because it allows you to carry it around because it is so mobile. The screen is big enough to make an impression on displaying a property, a web site, a home, etc. It is information at your fingertips and with your prospects and clients. Show lists of opportunities exclusive and MLS, show lists of buyers!

It provides access to the Internet so you can be connected all the time. You do not have to return to the office to display things. You can call up information in a matter of seconds while you are with your customers! You can be in front of a property and bring it up on an iPad with all the details, etc.

You can produce lists of properties with details and beautiful colour photos. You can at a moments notice call up the details of a property while you are in front of the property in your car! Now this is providing great service to the public.

And only now are real estate people embracing and learning how to use these devices in a productive business and personal fashion.

Of course you have all of the regular real estate advertising services including MLS.

However if you ask a room full of real estate brokers and salespeople to agree or disagree with this statement "90% of apartments are not on real estate boards" you will get them all agreeing. The same is true for shopping centres, land, and mcuh more.

ICIWorld was built to handle real estate information. It is not a real estate board type listing service but more like classified ads in a newspaper where one piece of information like finding out about an exclusive property can make one a lot of money.

ICIWorld produces lists of exclusive properties not on real estate boards. Yes all brokers advertise their MLS listings but in addition they can advertise their exclusive opportunities.

There are two databases, learn what they are about.

There are four ways to make a connection or you can easily miss doing deals and not realize it.

Learn why if you do not place your information you can easily be missing doing deals and not realize it.

For brokers learn about placing links on your web site to listings on ICIWorld is revenue producing or again you are missing generate leads and missing making connections to do business and do not realize it.

Learn about the special web sites that also have exclusive listings so if you do not have one, again you are missing generating leads and do not realize it.

Learning the Internet is like climbing a mountain. But if you take one step at a time you can get over it. ICIWorld has a 30 minute orientation that we recommend. You can be receiving calls on your Haves and Wants within five minutes in some cases of placing ads. Secondly you can send instructions to your web site designer to install links. Thirdly if you order a web site from us, we totally do it for you in conjunction with you. It is a minimum of 90 minutes, one time set up. It is customizable by you and they should be linked to all your web sites and back and forth. Remember there are exclusive listings that you do not have unless you have one of these, and the links from ICIWorld.

If you are a buyer or seller, learn about the four things you can do to make connections.

Going forward there are constantly changing technolgy and new things happending. Placing links on all your devices is something you should learn. This way if you are standing in line for a coffee somewhere and talking real estate with someone interested in buying you can show them a list within seconds. If you are talking to an owner who wants to sell, you can show the a list of buyers that you are connected to.

ICIWorld are best positioned in the marketplace to recognize, collect and display important real estate have and want information that helps people connect to do business.

Have fun with it.

Call anytime to chat.


Gary Nusca, CCIM, AMP, Inc.


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