As a society of real estate brokers and salespeople this is your service.

Please report any problems or issues to 416-214-4875 or customerservice@iciworld.com

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All members should print out the orientation pdf file 8 pages.

It is like a pilots checklist for Executive Members of ICIWorld to ensure you are either making money every 90 days or at the very least triggering leads that you feel can lead to making money. We have many years of experience going into this to ensure this can work for every member.

For example:

  1. If your listings, Haves and Wants are more than 90 days old they are not displaying on ICIWorld Apps worldwide. Modify them 2 clicks. Remember one showing can make one a lot of money.
  2. All listings, Haves and Wants that are active but older than 3 years old have been marked Expired as of Oct. 1, 2018. Soon all listings older than one year old will be marked Expired whether you are a member or not. In the past we have left listings on the system to help past members to demonstrate the connections so they would rejoin or at the very least call us to delete their listings. This does not work so we are moving all their listings to expired available for Executive Members only. There is a status on all listings. Only if you make them active will the public now be able to see the contact information. Otherwise the public must contact a member to get more information. Question: should we make all listings, Haves and Wants older than 90 days old expired even though you are an active member.
  3. If you do not have the latest mobile ICIWorld Widgets of listings, Haves and Wants installed on your website and working properly you can easily be missing triggering leads and do not realize it. Here is just one example we just installed. Look for the heading Exclusive Real Estate on this website www.mindymehmi.com And . . . they update themselves automatically up to the second 24/7. Make an appointment We send you the instructions and you forward the EMail to your website designer. One time installation. Works 24/7 for you. After they are installed make a follow up appointment with us so we can ensure they are working properly for you all year long. Nothing is worse than finding out your widgets are not installed correctly. We want to make sure you make money with them.
  4. SSL Certificates. If you install them, check other links on your website that may not work unless you also upgrade the links. For instance the Toronto Real Estate Board IDX links are not SSL compatible yet until the end of December, 2018. ICIWorld links you need to add an s to the http of each ICIWorld link on your website. We can help with all of this very quickly literally within minutes sometimes if you simply make an appointment. Explanation Make an appointment
  5. If you do not have fifteen (15) opportunities on ICIWorld you probably are not working exclusive real estate opportunities. Go to www.iciworld.com and click on Seminars and see recorded Seminars / Webinars number 1 and 3. Look How to work exclusive real estate on ICIWorld's Educational YouTube Channel www.iciworld.tv All testimonials on fifty pages were done with making connections on ICIWorld with exclusive information that was not on real estate boards. Do you have all your listings, possible Haves and Wants on ICIWorld? Otherwise you can be missing doing deals and not realize it.
  6. $50M properties have been sold on ICIWorld more than $27M recorded at one of the largest real estate boards in the world. See fifty pages of testimonials here. There is a lot of real estate business not being worked in your geographic area and you can be the one marketing and networking it . . . globally! And if your properties are not on here, are you missing doing all you can to help your prospects and clients achieve their goals? One broker told me he placed a $4M property on his real estate board and got four calls (he says it is mainly a residential board) he placed it on ICIWorld and got 30 calls and sold it. All are necessary in our opinion. We simply say every broker should include this service in their marketing plans, and keep listings, Haves and Wants less than 90 days old.
  7. All members should be checking for new listings regularly on their mobile devices using the ICIWorld App for iPhones and Androids and . . . www.iciworld.mobi as a shortcut and www.nreils.com as a shortcut. Over time you will prefer one over the other. We like to know which one you use and why. Make connections, show property, make money.
  8. If you do not have a mobile website working for you in todays day and age, that is not acceptable. They are one of the most powerful features of the Internet and you can have one within 1 hour! Learn about them in video number 4 at iciworld.com click on Seminar.

To see your renewal date click on My Record to see your renewal date.

Click on Renew on the left to renew.

If your membership expires:

  1. Within 90 days your listings are not displayed on mobile apps globally.
  2. The links on your website become clickable.
  3. You no longer have access to Database 2 FSBO Area.
  4. You no longer have access to ALL the listings, Haves and Wants, contacts to do deals in Database 1.
  5. You no longer can add Haves and Wants to Database 1 which provides for the ultimate in worldwide exposure.
  6. Your corporate VIP Card is no longer valid.

On renewal we recommend:

  1. A 60 minute consultation. This is to ensure you are either making money every 90 days or at the very least triggering leads every 90 days that you feel can lead to doing deals someday.